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Youth is wasted on the young. Wealth is wasted on the old - Justin Kan.

On May 30th 2020, SpaceX made a historic moment to launch Dragon Crew with two astronauts into space becoming the first private company to send human to space and opening a new area of space exploration.

Much of the credit was given to Elon Musk. He is talent and resolutely persistent. Elon also inspires a wave of entrepreneurs to tackle hard science projects instead of easy startup.

But this article is not about Elon. Everyone has already known too much about him. I do not need to repeat here.

Instead, I want to introduce you to another inspiring entrepreneur Joe Barnard.

If you never heard about him, you should watch this video

He creates a company and a Youtube channel to show how he learns launching rockets. He creates hardware, writes softwares, shoot, and edit videos all by himself.

And this guy even does not have an engineering degree.

He has a degree is music, a certificate he somehow regrets. It was an expensive piece of paper for him.

After watching the Falcon 9 landing in 2015, he figured out that he wanted to work with rocket. But the music degree would not help him get a job at SpaceX and he did not want to spend another 4 years to get another expensive paper.

So he started building rockets by himself since then.

The first 10 launches were complete failure. In the 11th launch, he only got the rocket flying straight.

He was using cardboard to build the rocket's body but all the principles of jet propulsion were similar to what applied to Falcon 9.

He has learnt so much by building rocket himself, even at smaller scale. He is able to iterate new version of rocket in one week instead of 3-6 months. How fast you can iterate decides how fast you can succeed.

Now, he's close to getting a propulsive landing. I would not be surprised if in a few years, he could open a company to send mini rockets to orbit or open source his project and democratize rocket launching.

You do not need to become a billionaire to build rocket. You probably need some saving and a few passive income but if you want to build a rocket, don't wait too long to build it.

I could not believe how a guy without engineering degree would decide building a rocket himself. I would not have the courage to do so if I were him. But Joe Barnard proves to me that I am deadly wrong.

Hard works with a reasonable plans will give you what you want.

If you are serious about your job, people will take you seriously. Don't compare yourself with Elon Musk because you are not billionaire. Just think about Joe Barnard.

Bonus: checkout this Falcon Heavy model flight. It's pretty cool.

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